Europe’s Coolest City


According to CNN, Lisbon has the potential to become Europe’s coolest city. Its energy and people, is a mixture between cultural tradition and modern influences with art, music, dance, food, sun and iconic landscapes, contributing to a unique experience only those who visit understand. The quality of life in Lisbon is incomparable, with an extremely affordable living cost making it very attractive for startups in bootstrap mode. It is the European capital with most beaches (more than 50km of golden sandy beaches) and hours of sunshine per year, in fact, it is possibly one of the only European capitals where people can go surfing at lunch time.

“Lisbon: There may be no better place on the planet to be young and bold – if only in spirit.”

– The New York Times

Pool of innovation

Known for being one of the countries that best welcomes immigrants, it is safe, open-minded and hungry for innovation with an enormous pool of talent, that accounts for over 150 thousand graduate students in its leading universities. It is one of the biggest university cities in Europe and has been creating and educating competitive human resources in particular within the engineering and management fields. Extremely receptive to technological innovations and a prime location for the implementation of R&D, it is among the European locations with a higher investment in R&D and it is considered an innovation leader. As a consequence, major innovations have started here. Portugal has one of the best fiber optics networks in Europe and more than 50% of electricity is from renewable energies.

Did you know?

Launch your startup in Europe’s innovation capital city for 2015. Lisbon is easy: it is possible to set-up a company in only 45 minutes. As a matter of fact, Portugal was considered as the 3rd country in the OECD with fewest barriers to setting up a business. It’s a cool & trendy startup hub, getting additional buzz for being in one of the coolest cities in the world.   Lisbon is one of the most inexpensive European capitals with a slow-burning rate, where you’ll find great tech talent, inexpensive & good infrastructure. Save time and money in high quality and inexpensive infrastructure. Recruit highly talented and inexpensive pros so you can focus on doing what you do best: fast-growing your business. Lisbon is a good testing ground for your business, in a good time zone (GMT) and access to key markets.

The Place to Jump-Start Your Business

Lisbon has created a true entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports startups, making it very attractive as a place to accelerate and grow your business. Portugal was considered the 4th country in OECD for entrepreneurial activity. The number of accelerators and incubators located in Lisbon has been growing, accounting for more than 20 nowadays. The city offers exceptional resources for entrepreneurs such as support and financing programs, co-working spaces, fab labs, business angels, venture capitals, crowd-funding initiatives and major events and networking opportunities. All in all, it is the ideal city to do market validation.

The Next Business Hub

With deep economic and cultural relations with Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola, Brazil and Mozambique (Portuguese is the 6th language most spoken in the world), Lisbon works as a penetration platform that enables a number of privileged connections with these world emergent economies that total 250 million consumers. Adding to its excellent geostrategic position, Lisbon holds an airport within 10 minutes of the center of the city, which facilitates the access to other markets with low-cost carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet or national airlines like TAP, SATA, BA, AF, United, Emirates, and many others.