Smart Open Lisboa: the Housing Vertical Has Kicked Off


Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) is an ambitious initiative that aims to involve startups and their innovative solutions in contributing towards a better, smarter and more efficient city. Its third edition gains steam, as the Bootcamp phase of SOL Housing kicks off today in Lisbon. The Housing vertical is dedicated exclusively to solutions for smart cities focused on the value chain of the commercial and residential real estate.

The Bootcamp will happen between 18 and 22 of March, in Beta-i’s headquarters and it brings 19 selected startups from the applicants batch to meet the program partners.

The chosen startups are Alfredo AI, Bead, Buildtoo, Doinn, Enerbrain, Heptasense, Howz, idatase,Lumen Cache, MClimate, Meazon, Mycroft Mind, Nice Visions, Nudge Portugal, Onegrid, Parquery,, TrustbillWearHealth Team.

You can read more about them here.

Started in 2016, Smart Open Lisboa, now in the SOL Housing vertical, is turning the city of Lisbon into a laboratory of experimentation, with utilities and companies working with startups to solve problems and make the citizens’ lives easier.

The program is backed by the city hall (CML) and it partners up with several major players in the market. Together they are making Lisbon an entrepreneurial city, making an investment into upgrading city life.

Read about the partners of the program here.

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